Who is the best web hosting provider in Mumbai?

There are many online players that provide web hosting services across the world. In case you are lookig for best webhosting company in Mumbai, keep reading…

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What is web hosting?

As the name suggest, to host or deploy any web artifact, you need a digital place (server) to keep all the web files. The server (hardware and software) is called webhosting platform.

You can deploy a website, FTP site or any other digital solution on a webhost.

A web host is a robost hardware with redundend array of disks, high speed internet connection and network ports powered by softwares.

Who are web hosting providers?

Big companies like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator etc are famous for providing cheap and reliable webhosting solutions. These providers have huge data centers with thousands of hardware.

Best Webhosting in Mumbai

By webhosting in Mumbai if you mean servers are located in Mumbai then Hostinger is one of the best webhosting provider for beginners and mid size websites.

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I moved all my websites from other web hosting providers to Hostinger as its reliable and cheap.

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Why Hostinger is best?

Based on following points, I have adjudged Hostinger as bes webhosting platform:

1.Cost of Hosting:

Hostinger plans for 4years is the cheapest anyone can get from a reliable hosting company.

2. Free Domain for first year

If you take 1 year plan, Hostinger will give you 1 domain of your choice for free for that year. Many other hosting providers also give this offer.

3. Unlimited custom email

You can create unlimited custom mail box and get email with your domain name making it look professional.

4. Online, email support of 24×7

You can chat with the customer support any time of day and they will help.

5. Unlimited website migration

Unlike other providers, Hostinger support free migrate of as many websites as your plan has. Bluehost provide only 1 website migration for free.

6. Servers across the world

Hostinger provides servers in India, US, Europe to cater your need.


Does Hostinger provide montly hosting plans?

Yes you can opt for 1month plan from hostinger but its not recommended as it does not give you much benefits like free domain and discoutns.


Hostinger is a boon for new and mid size website owners. It provides all the tools to setup a website at very affordable cost.

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