How To take Business Online[2023]

In today’s digital world, if your business does not have online presence, then you are missing a huge opportunity. Also, by not adapting the latest trend, you may well be planning to get extinct!

Taking your business online has become very easy with the available tools. If you do not want to take your business online yourself and need help, you can contact DigitalMitr and we will work with you to take your business online.

Simple steps to take your business online

Irrespective of if you want to go online yourself or with help from DigitalMitr, following are the steps involved:

1. Create a website:

This is the most important step to take your business online. With a website, you announce to the online world about your presence and become reachable online.

2. Register your business on Google

Google has become synonym to Online. Anything people need, they just google it. So its very important that you register your business on Google.

secondly, you should also list your business on various listing websites like Just Dial, Sulekha etc

3. Create your social media presence

Social media is a very important tool in Online marketing, hence you need to create your business’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, LInkedIn etc.

4. Get your website on the first page of Google

How many times have you clicked on 2nd page of Google? Hardly anyone go beyond the first page of Google. Hence its important for your website to appear on first page for the search terms related to your business.

The technical term given to this process of ranking your website on top is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

5. Advertise your website (Marketing)

To appear on first page of Google is a long process, to start getting instant benefits, you will have to set aside some budget for Online advertisement.

Benefits Of Taking Business Online

You may be doing great in offline business, but with the change in the trend you should plan for your online presence as well.

Pretty soon, the business that are not online may not at all remain a business!!

Following are the benefits you can derive by your online presence:

  1. Generate leads online, hence bringing your business from people away from your physical location.
  2. Brand Building, gone are the days when you had to be a multimillion business before people started recognizing you, now you can create you brand very easily and quickly.
  3. Selling Online, you can create an e-commerce store and start selling your goods to people who are far away from your physical store.


Go with the trend and benefit from the Online craze. It can increase your profits manifold and investment is not huge (depending on the nature of your).

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