Be your own boss!! Create website and Earn money online

Having a website for your business is a must in present times. Either you can create a website on your own or contact Digital Mitr for creating a professional looking website for you at affordable rates.

Irrespective of the way you choose, creating website follow a simple process. Keep on reading to know more…

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Pre-requisites For Website

To make a website, you need following:

1. Domain

This is the name by which your website will be called. Make sure you domain name gives an indication of the content of the website.

You can buy domain from various sellers like Google Domains, GoDaddy, NameCheap etc. You can also find some websites like HiOx India that keep on coming up with cheap .in domain names.

2. Hosting

Hosting is the server on which the content of your website will be kept. All the posts, images etc will be stored on this server.

Do make sure that you get a hosting that is known for good uptime and performance.

There are many sellers of domains, DigitalMitr recommends Hostinger, 4years plan as it gives the best ROI on your investment. Also, it is giving domain name free for the first year for new subscribers!!

Buy Hosting From Hostinger

Best value for money, easy to use, free domain, WordPress hosting, minimal down time. Recommended by DigitalMitr.

3. Theme

How your website will look is decided by the theme you have selected. The theme should be light weight and fast to load. It should provide you with the ability to customize it as per your business need.

You can either us the free version or buy a professional looking theme. DigitalMitr recommend Astra, it is light weight and offers some free Professional looking themes.

4. Contents

When any user visits your website, what information should be displayed, articles, videos and images about your business… all these are called contents.

You can either write the contents yourself or hire someone to write it for you.

How to make website?

Follow these simple steps to create a website:

  1. Login to the hosting providers website.
  2. Add the domain
  3. Install Wordress
  4. Select theme
  5. Write few posts
  6. Publish the website

Note: You may find the above steps complicated if its your first time.

Cost of making a website

Note: Following are the rates at DigitalMitr, others may charge differently.

There are two types of costs associated for creating a website. The cost of Domain, Hosting, Theme, content and the Fees of the Engineer setting up the website.

You can either make the website yourself, hence saving on the engineers cost.

Following table gives you a rough estimate of creating a website using Hostinger:

(for 1 year)
Buy DomainFreeYou will get the domain name free for 1st year, after that it could be Rs.700 to Rs.1200 (unless you have selected a very rare domain name)
Hosting2k**Buy Hostinger word press hosting for 4 years and total cost will come to Rs.8000, else cost per year will be more
ThemeFreeUse Astra template and get a professional looking website for free.
ContentDependsEither you can write your own content or hire a content writer. It may cost you between Rs500-1500 per post.
Engineers fee5k onwardsThis is one time cost, to save it you can learn how to setup the website for your business.
MaintenanceNegotiateYou can negotiate with your engineer, if you are expecting less updates, he should agree for AMC for as low as Rs.500 PA.


Creating a website may be overwhelming for first timers but you can learn it. If you do not want to get sucked into the complexity of website creation, do contact DigitalMitr and we will be happy to help.

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