Easy steps to rank on Google first page

I was able to rank my multiple posts on first page of Google by following this technique. Keep on reading if you want to do the same.

Do not get bogged down if you do not understand few things mentioned in the beginning of the post, by the time you finish reading the post, all your doubts will be cleared.

Steps To Rank on the first page of Google:

Actually it should be how to rank on the first page of any search enging but since Google dominates 97% of search, Google has become synonym to search enging.

1. Write contents that are being searched but there is not much content written on it. To implement this strategy, you will have to do a thorough keyword research. The goal for your keyword research should be:

    A keyword with search volume of at least 1000 per day

    A keyword difficulty of less than 40.
Note: You can easily get this by applying filters in SEMRush Keyword Magic tool.

2. Analyze the already ranking contents and better them.

    Type the keyword you want to rank for on Google

     and look at the results displayed on first page.

Analyze following:

  1. URL
  2. Meta description
  3. First paragraph
  4. Length of the post
  5. Keyword variations used in the post
  6. Last paragraph of the post
  7. Backlinks

Try to implement similar things on your post.

Once your post gets indexed, look into Google Search Console for what keywords your post is ranking and elaborate more around these in your post.

Pro Tip: Make sure the keywords appearing in Google Search console are part of Title, Heading, sub heading, conclusion.

Steps to implement ranking strategy:

1. Do the Keyword research and Analysis manually

This will be a time consuming process and you will need to have a thorough understanding of all the concepts to get good results.

Follow the steps mentioned in pt.2 above.

2. Use a tool to help you do Keyword research and Analysis

This will be a quick process where tool does all the hard work and you just verify if what you see is what you want.

There are many tools available for this, both Free and Paid.

Free tools will give you results in bits and pieces and you will have to use multiple tools.

  1.     Google Keyword
  2.     Google Trends

Paid tools will provide you all you need in one place. In this post you will be learning about one of the most popular tool for this purpose, SEMrush.

SEMrush provides many features but I will covering only two that you read about in the start, i.e. Keyword research and Analyze competitors content.

How to use SEMrush to Rank on First Page of Google?

First step is to create an account with SEMrush, use the link below. 

Create your Free SEMrush account

Tip: To get started quickly, just sign up using your Google account

Second step is to do Keyword research.

SEMrush makes it very easy with its extremely user friendly interface.

Watch this step by step video tutorial to do your Keyword research

Now that you have you Keyword, Its time to start with the post.

From the left sidebar options, select SEO Content Template

You can use this tool in two ways:

1. If you have not written your content yet, just enter the keyword, select your target country and hit Create SEO Template button

SEMrush will analyze top 10 contents on the Google search and will recommend how to create SEO friendly content.

You will get a complete report of which url’s were compared, related keywords, backlinks etc…

Now just create your post as per the suggestion and its just a matter of time you will see your post ranking on the first page.

2. If you have already created a post, no worry. Just copy paste the post in “Real Time Content Checker” and the tool will come up with its recommendations.

Update your post as per the recommendations and wait for Google to crawl & rank it!

Note: The time to rank on first page may vary from few weeks to few months based on the Keyword difficulty and Domain authority of your competitors.

Do watch this video to see how SEO Content Template works.


In how many days will my article start appearing on first page of Google?

There is no clear cut answer to this question as it depends on a lot of factor but usually it takes an article 3-6months to appear on first page for a new website. For old webssites, this time may be anywhere around 15-30 days after indexing of post.


Ranking on the first page of Google is difficult but not impossible.

With the correct techniques and with time, you can write posts that will rank on the first page.

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