Niche Finding Tool

Are you planning to enter blogging/YouTube or any other digital marketing area and missing a Niche Finding Tool? Well, you are not alone.

There are many free and paid courses available on YouTube, Internet that promise to take you to 6 figure earning but every thing starts with finding a niche for you and they have no scientific approach that will help you identify your Niche!!

To your question on which niche to select, all the course and tutorials and Guru’s will give you same answer, start with a niche in which:

  1. You have interest
  2. People come to you to discuss about that topic
  3. You can talk continuously on the topic
  4. You can write 100 posts on that topic
  5. etc..etc..etc..

And then they will point you to multiple tools where you need to “find keywords that lot of people are searching and there are few articles published to answer it”.

Simple, right?


Its like asking a baby that has just started crawling to find if they want to run marathon or sprint or become a swimmer or painter or any other stuff!!

And the out come is almost the same… the baby just blinks at the person or pee on him!!

Similarly, the person who have just made up his mind to enter digital world just stares blank or selects any niche to start with… and learn by making mistakes!!

Nothing wrong with this approach, only thing is lot of people just give up as they are not sure if what they have started is good for them. Its like sailing in a sea without direction, you may find America while looking for India or just drown in the ocean!!

A few persist, by investing time and money on various suggestions.. at times meeting with success but mostly end up in failure or should I say they learn something new, to avoid being too aggressive?

A few who learn from years of mistakes and continued will definitely find gold, but then where is the mentoring part here, if you have re-invent wheel and find everything yourself!!

No one offer any scientific way to fill the biggest gap in Digital Journey, i.e a niche in which you can succeed based on your personality, knowledge, inclination.

So what is the solution?

The solution is the free tool developed by DigitalMitr that address this gap.

We at DigitalMitr have come up with a scientific approach, a tool, that will record and assess your response to a set of questions to find :

  • your inclination (both at conscious and sub-conscious mind level)
  • your aptitude towards various Digital platforms

The tool will then match these findings against Niche that will be profitable for you and pop out a list of niche that you are more likely to be successful in!!

If you like what you read and want to try out this tool, just enter few basic details in the contact form below and we will share the Tool To Find Suitable Niche for you.

What next?

Once Team DigitalMitr receives your request, you will get access to the tool. You will have to answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Once you submit your response, Team DigitalMitr will feed it to its AI tool that will generate the Niche suggestion for you.


Why Niche finding tool from DigitalMitr is not publicly available?

The tool is still in its Beta phase, we have successfully run tests on it and are now in performance testing phase. This is to ensure the tool does not crash if accessed by thousands of requests.


Niche Finding Tool from DigitalMitr is the scientific way to get a definite set of niche in which your chances of success is more. It is the best solution to the question, “Which Niche should I work on?”