UPSC Wallpaper For Laptop

Now a days all the studies need laptops. Laptops have become an integral part of our whole education ecosystem and more.

Wallpapers play an important role in laptop, it gives you that brief “Out Of Box” moment which may be the pinch of salt you need that may make or break your aspirational dish called UPSC.

What is wallpaper for Laptop?

A wallpaper for laptop or pc or any digital device is a background image. 

There is a default image supplied by the Operating System manufacturer but you may want to customize it as per your liking.

UPSC Wallpaper

How to get UPSC Wallpaper for Laptop?

Depending on what motivates you or what brings a smile on your face and makes you keep going, you can make an image as your wallpaper.

There are many free downloadable inspirational wallpapers you can download from UnSplash.

You can also create your own wallpaper, it may be a very good break while studying for your exams. It will make the creative juice flow to your brains!!

How to create wallpaper for laptop, PC?

Just collect photos, quotes or anything that inspires.

Pinterest and Unsplash may be a good sources, or just google images.

Create a collage or let it be as is.

Set it as background of your laptop. Just right click on any image that you downloaded on your device and select “Set as background”.

Advantages of Wallpaper

A wallpaper is the first thing you see once you login to your device.

You can set any image like the nature or your loved one’s or any inspirational quotes…. and since its on your device, there is no issue of copyright!

It may be the one thing that gives you the “Go” signal to handle your work that day.

Dis-Advantages of Wallpaper

In case the image you have used is big in size and your device configuration like RAM, Storage are on the lower side, it may adversely impact your system boot time.

Secondly, over a period of time, you get used to the image and it just takes the back seat… unless you keep on changing your wallpaper or set a dynamic one that keeps you interested.


Anything that helps motivate for UPSC exams needs to be used. UPSC Wallpaper For Laptop may be the unsung hero in your success!!

All the best!!

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